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Psychiatry Certification Review Designed for ABPN’s new certification format, Dr. Rayel’s Psychiatry Certification Examination Review Series for the Clinical Psychiatry Component has been available since 2012.
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Shrink’s Series

After a few months wait, Dr. Rayel and his daughter Danielle, his co-author, have released First Aid Tips for Suicidality: Recognizing and preventing suicide in four essential steps. Both are hopeful that this book can help prevent suicide and save precious lives. Shrink’s series is Dr. Rayel’s latest book project on mental health and psychiatry. The first book of the series, First Aid Tips for Depresion: Overcoming depression in 4 simple steps has been available since February 2014. Last April 2014, he released First Aid Tips for Anxiety: 4 crucial steps to overpower anxiety. Three months later (July 2014), First Aid Tips for Memory Loss: How to keep a healthy brain and slow down forgetfulness in 4 practical steps was released. In this Shrink series, he reintroduces the CARE approach as it applies to specific mental illness. Now available on Amazon, smashwords, and other online bookstores. The CARE approach -- a four-step process in dealing with mental illness -- was first introduced in Dr. Rayel’s book First Aid to Mental Illness as a practical and simple approach in addressing common psychological signs and symptoms such as depression and anxiety. In Shrink Series, Dr. Rayel attempts to apply the CARE approach on specific syndromes.

Psychiatry Certification Review Series

Just recently, Dr. Rayel has released the Kindle edition of his Psychiatry Certification Review Series, a well-received review ebook geared for American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology’s new certification or examination format. Designed for the certification’s Clinical Psychiatry Component, the Kindle edition review series has been available since October 2013. Vols 1 to 6  of the Psychiatry Certification Examination Review for the Clinical Psychiatry Component Kindle edition have already been published. Six more volumes will be released in 2014. Last year (2012), Dr. Rayel published the Psychiatry Certification Examination Review for the Clinical Psychiatry Component Vols. 1 to 3 ebook sold through Psychiatryreviewer.com. Unlike the Kindle edition, each volume here contains more case scenarios and question-and-answer sections. Since early 2000s, he has offered the Psychiatry Oral Boards Reveiw for ABPN 2 through Psychedu.com. So far, hundreds of exam candidates have already received help from Dr. Rayel’s review program.
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