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About Dr. Michael G. Rayel

Author. Entrepreneur. Psychiatrist

Fondly called "Mike" or "Doc" by friends, colleagues, and patients, Dr. Michael G. Rayel loves to laugh as he pursues his diverse interests such as playing sports, hiking scenic trails, traveling and taking photos, and promoting mental health. Born and raised in the Philippines, Dr. Mike Rayel learned the value of hard work, respect, discipline, and faith early on. At a young age, he had seen how his mother would toil as a teacher during the day and as a business woman at night, and still have time to pray and attend church regularly. Likewise his father, who was a farmer all his life, showed him the joy of simple living, the wonders of facing life's challenges with humor and strong resolve.  Surrounded by loving family, he further developed confidence, positive attitude, and sense of humor amidst the poverty and the uncertainty of his community. The lack of money in the household was well compensated by loads of fun, laughter, and sound advice. In essence, he learned the value of sound and stable mental health in maintaining the individuals' well-being. As a child, his parents inculcated the value of education as the surest passport to success. His father used to say, “Success is when you’re able to add two or more letters before or after your name. Once you have those extra letters, you will never worry as jobs will chase after you.” After medical school, he moved to North America determined to chase his dreams, inspired to live the life he yearned for. Very soon, he found himself training in USA universities. He finished forensic and correctional psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts Mental health Center, completed geriatric psychiatry at New York Univeristy Medical Center, and trained general psyciatry and psychodynamic psychotherapy at New York Medical College. During his training, he was mentored by some of the finest minds in the field of psychiatry. With a strong sense of travel and adventure, Dr. Mike and his family moved to Canada where they have settled and thrived for the past several years. Such move has proven to be one of his biggest and wisest decisions. In this amazing place, he has met some of the friendliest and kindest people and has experienced some of the most scenic, heavenly areas on earth.

Recent activities

Inspired by his family and surroundings, he has honed his various talents, creating award-winning educational materials designed to help others flourish. In the last several years, he has helped many individuals and families with their mental health and personal issues. Despite his busy clinical practice, he has dedicated his time in writing books, in publishing webinars in mental health, emotional intelligence or EQ, and in creating educational games and products to promote emotional health. Board certified in psychiatry with subspecialty in geriatric psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine, he has written a number of psychiatry review books designed for the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN) certification examination. As a hands-on Dad, Dr. Mike has been involved in most of his children’s activities, such as teaching them how to drive and take nice photos, and has coached his sons’ sports teams. With a supportive wife beside him, things are ooking up.
"Success is when you add two or more letters before or after your name. Once you have those extra letters, you will never worry as jobs will chase after you.”             Lorenzo Rayel
Dr. Michael G. Rayel     Author. Entrepreneur. Psychiatrist