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Through Dr. Rayel’s award-winning books and games, he has promoted emotional and social health for children and teens.

A 31- Day Positive Affirmations for

Kids and Teens Kindle edition

Designed to improve self-esteem, you will be introduced to 31 positive affirmations with description and questions to ponder. “I am responsible for my actions and decisions,” “I practice self-discipline daily,” and “I am a problem-solver” are some examples. Although each affirmation is intended for each day of the month, you can read the entire book in less than an hour. Through repetition, you will notice a gradual change within you. And be the renewed person you want to share to the world..
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A 31- Day Success Principles for

Kids and Teens Kindle edition

Intended to motivate, you will learn 31 time- tested success principles and inspiring life stories of 31 heroes and achievers — Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Wayne Gretzky, and Nelson Mandela, among others. Although each success principle is planned for each day of the month, you can go through the entire book in a few hours and learn the struggles and achievements of well-known people.
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A 31- Day Series

A 31 Day Success Principles for Kids and Teens “Success is not just for adults. I believe that exposing young people to success principles gives them the opportunity to pursue success.” This consists of 31 Success Cards (mini-posters or flash cards – 6 X 9 in.). Each well-designed Success Card contains a success principle and its explanation, and a successful person’s brief biography. A 31 Day Positive Affirmations for Kids and Teens  “What you think about all the time and what you constantly tell yourself can determine what you will become.” This consists of 31 positive Affirmations Cards (mini-posters or flash cards – 6 X 9 in). Each well-designed Affirmation Card contains a detailed positive affirmation.
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Fikloo and Actus Tale

Fikloo: The Game of Crazy Commands Shake your hips, touch your nose, point to the ceiling, wiggle your   toes, pucker your lips,  lift your left elbow above your shoulder, and touch the doorknob with your left thumb all at the same time … or else you’ll be eliminated! Fikloo… the zaniest party game ever!   Actus Tale: Show and Tell your Way to Amazing Fun! Winner, 2008 Preferred Choice Award and chosen 2007 Washington Post's Top Pick! "Share your thoughts. Act your part. Whatever you say or do, someone else has the last say! An amazing interactive game for the whole family."For 2 or more players.
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Wordigy and Wordigy Jr.

Wordigy: A World of Words for Family Fun Attention: This challenging word game is highly stimulating to your brain cells. Participants are strongly encouraged to get a good night’s sleep before entering the world of Wordigy. Words have never been this elusive. Let the prodigy in you takeover.    Wordigy is an award-winning game with 130 Word Cards. Wordigy Jr.  "Stimulate your mind with Wordigy Jr. Challenge your friends and family to a battle of wits with words."   Good news! Wordigy Jr. has now two game instructions or versions. It's like buying 2 games in 1. Amazing! Winner, 2008 Seal of Excellence Award Interactive Family Games Category, Creative Child Magazine
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Oikos Game Series

Oikos Game: A Personal Development and Emotional Skills Game!  Winner, 2005 Parent to Parent Adding Wisdom Award and 2007 Platinum Award, Family Review Center. Also named, Winning Games 2004! Oikos Game 1, a fun emotional and social skills board game, that exposes players to simple math and encourages young players to read Oikos Game 3: The Key to Success Explore the exciting world of emotional intelligence. Discover practical strategies for alcohol and drug prevention. Unearth the key to success. Oikos Game 3 aims for a better world. Oikos Game 3 is an emotional  and social skills board game designed to help older children and adults learn life skills such as: Understanding oneself, problem solving, goal setting, and others.
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