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Videos on depression aim to reduce stigma

Feb. 28, 2014 – Dr. Michael G. Rayel, author of “First Aid Tips for Depression: Overcoming depression in 4 simple steps”, has released depression videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Such videos aim not only to educate but most importantly to reduce stigma through relevant information. “I’ve created these videos to unlock the mystery out of depression. People should know that depression is a medical illness,” Dr. Rayel says. Each episode is fewer than 75 seconds long but it's packed with information.  For depression alone, he has created 10 episodes already.  Such videos are part of his Shrink video series on mental health and psychiatric disorders. Although depression is a serious and disabling medical illness, many people still ignore it or feel ashamed to seek help for fear of being criticized. Despite recent advances in depression research, stigma persists. Dr. Rayel adds, “If depression remains unrecognized and untreated, it becomes worse complicated by suicidality and disability and much more difficult to treat.” The need to recognize depression early on is paramount. As well, the need for early intervention should be stressed. Just like most medical illnesses, depression is associated with physical symptoms, such as poor energy, loss of appetite, interrupted sleep, and poor concentration. Others develop feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and worthlessness. But depression’s main symptom consists of depressed mood or loss of interest to do routine daily activities. In Dr. Rayel’s latest book “First Aid Tips for Depression”, he reintroduces the CARE approach as early intervention for depression. This practical approach consists of a four-step process that describes how to recognize depression, what you can do once it is recognized, what psychiatric disorders to consider as possible causes, and how you can deal with it. Dr. Rayel, a board certified psychiatrist, has written several books and educational games and products. First Aid Tips for Depression, now available on Amazon and other online bookstores, is part of his Shrink video and book series on psychiatric disorders and mental health issues. His Shrink Your Troubles blog showcases all 10 videos. For details, visit www.drrayel.com.
Dr. Rayel’s depression videos aim to reduce stigma “I’ve created these videos to unlock the mystery out of depression. People should know that depression is a medical illness,” Dr. Rayel adds.
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